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Miscellaneous Publications, 1933-2008

Important publications, articles, and papers not included in any of the series listed on the site. Most are available online.

Alfred Cowles, 3rd, 1933–1985

Annual Research Conferences on Economics and Statistics, 1935–1940

Cowles Commission, Special Papers, 1947–1954

  • No. 1. John R. Menke, “Nuclear Fission as a Source of Power,” Econometrica (October 1947), 15(4): 314–333.
  • No. 2. Sam H. Schurr, “The Economic Aspects of Atomic Energy as a Source of Power,” Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (September 1946), 2(5-6): 1–4; Proceedings Supplement of American Economic Review (May 1947), 37(2): 98–117. With discussion by Lewis N. Dembitz, Philip Sporn, Sam Schurr, and Jacob Marschak.
  • No. 3. Tjalling C. Koopmans, “Uses of Prices,” Proceedings of the Conference on Operations Research in Production and Inventory Control, Cleveland: Case Institute of Technology, 1954, pp. 1-7.

Cowles Commission, Special Publications 1935–1956

  • Harold T. Davis and William F. C. Nelson, Elements of Statistics, 2nd ed., Bloomington: Principia Press, March 1937, 434pp (12,564 kb). This is a revised and enlarged edition of the first edition, published in 1935.
  • Sam H. Schurr and Jacob Marschak, Economic Aspects of Atomic Power, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1950. 289pp (11,735 kb). An analysis of the potential applicability of atomic power in selected industries and its economic effects in both industrialized and underdeveloped areas.
  • H. S. Houthakker, assisted by Lester G. Telser, Commodity Futures: A Study in the Economics of Uncertainty. A study of commodity futures markets which investigates the reaction of groups concerned with these markets to uncertainty about future developments. [Note: This monograph was never completed, Chapter 1 appears as CFDP 44 (1957).]
  • Jacob Marschak, Income, Employment, and the Price Level, Augustus M. Kelley, 1951, 1951, 101pp (2,124 kb). Notes on class lectures by Jacob Marschak. Autumn, 1948 and 1949, edited and with a Preface by David I. Fand and Harry Markowitz.
  • Martin J. Beckmann and C. B. McGuire and Christopher B. Winsten, Studies in the Economics of Transportation (7,259 kb), Yale University Press, 1956, 232pp. This exploratory study of highway and railroad systems examines their theoretical aspects and develops concepts and methods for assessing the capabilities and efficiency of existing and projected traffic systems.

Commission/Foundation, Miscellaneous, 1952–1999

50th Anniversary Celebration, June 3-4, 1983

James Tobin, 1986–1996

Tjalling C. Koopmans and Leonid V. Kantorovich, 2008